Weebly Tutorial: Place a downloadable file on your website

If WordPress is our first love, Weebly certainly stands second. It’s an interesting tool to create your own website or blog (free or Paid) in easy steps. The website has easy to use tools in drag and drop form to design and develop a website.

Weebly is not the only player in its field, but we really like the way it lets perform users complex tasks with ease. With just an action of your mouse you can do what would need a numerous pages of coding otherwise.

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With this article we are starting a series of Weebly tutorials (don’t worry, we are not going to forget our first love, WordPress). Starting with some easy hacks, we will gradually move towards performing some complex tasks.

Attaching a file, e.g. word, pdf etc, which can later be downloaded by users, is a rather simple task when you are working on a plain HTML project. This stands true with Weebly as well. Here, in this story, we will take a look at how to add a file to your website or blog on Weebly following a few easy to use steps:

  • Open your Weebly account and select the Edit option for your website, if you aren’t already present on the website you are designing.
  • On the Weebly Editor, select the “Multimedia” tab on the menu bar.


  • You will find the options – Photo Gallery, Slideshow, File, Audio Player, Video and more on the menu.


  • Now select the multimedia element you want to add onto your site page and drag and drop it on the page.


  • You will be asked with options for spacing, select your choice.
  • Now click on the “Click Here” icon on the dragged item
  • A Select file tab will open. Select your file location and then the file and press “Save”


  • If its an image, moving your cursor on it will give you an options to add a hyperlink, caption or delete it.


  • To add a file, drag and drop the File tab onto your page and you will be prompted with a “click here to upload file”.
  • There are three options on the tab that will appear. First upload the file, then to change the title if you wish and finally select the “Position” to place it appropriately.


  • The Document will get uploaded with a “Download File” option automatically added below the document.


You can follow similar easy steps for all types of multimedia upload.

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