Beta version released

The beta version of Appointzilla has been released.  It is currently being tested by a small set of users.  We have already received some constructive feedback and suggestions.  We will try to incorporate all the feedback in the final version.



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  1. Luanna Rachel - October 12, 2012


    Im using the free version available on (appointment callender) and the overall experience has been very good, which lead me to wonder how much will it cost the premium version as i couldnt find it on the website — can you reveal it or when willl you do it?

    And do you have the confidance that your solution will be better than the wpmudev solution for appointments? Their solutions are always so complex on the interface i was trying to avoid spend money there — i know i know, but asking doesnt hurt right? ^_^


  2. Luanna Rachel - October 12, 2012

    btw, i notice that the free version is not translation ready — will the premium version be? *fingers crossed*

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