Upgrade Urgently Needed for this App

Upgrade Urgently Needed for this App

Postby taulmanservices » Wed Sep 30, 2015 6:55 pm

Things to be done that make me not like this app:

1.Needs Address Field on Notification Messages
2.Need to be able to show addresses and other information on the calender instead of just "booked"
3.Need to have 2 slots for each employee so the time per worker can take lunch into account aka 7-10am 12-6pm, not just 7am-6pm only
4. Need tto have an option to delete the "No Peferance" Field and show only staff
5.In Client page need to see/sort by customer entry date- do not see this option now
6. Mobile shortcode delete calender and non mobile shortcode displays calender but is nearly un-usable on an iphone
try my website on a mobile phone www.taulmanservices.com and see if you are able to easly read and schedaul a service.
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