Top 5 Free Contact Form Plugins for WordPress

You created a thoughtful and creative website for your business and with the effective sales page you were able to convince the visitor to turn into a customer. Bravo! but what’s next?

A contact form is one of the most essential elements of a business oriented website. Be it taking queries, collecting leads or accepting orders, the easier you are accessible, the better you monetize. A contact form with less frills comes handy here.

Like everything else, there are a ton of plugins to add a contact form on a WordPress powered website, but only some them work out of the box. Here, we take a look at 5 best free Contact form plugins for WordPress.

Best contact form plugin for WordPress

1. Fast Secure Contact Form


FSCF is the most popular and undoubtedly the best contact form plugin for WordPress. It features an exhaustive option panel which lets you customize the form up to the extent needed. Features in nutshell are:

  • A wide range of custom fields
  • Supports uploading attachments
  • Multiple forms support
  • Spam protection using CAPTCHA or Akismet
  • Multiple recipients



  • Customization needs a bit of learning curve

2. Contact Form 7


Contact Form 7 is another much popular WordPress Contact form plugin. While it supports almost all the features of Fast Secure Contact Form, it also supports Ajax powered submission in order to improve user experience. The plugin has a large user base and the plugin developer is active as well. Keeps it updating frequently.

  • Simple yet flexible
  • Supports Multiple forms
  • Supports file uploading
  • Spam protection
  • Ajax based submissiom

3. Cforms II

If you intend to use forms heavily on your website, this is the plugin to go. Cforms II not only lets you use multiple forms on a single website, it also lets you split a single form in to multiple pages which is helpful when you need to collect too much information from users. In addition it also helps you to maintain database based tracking of submitted data which makes it a great plugin for conducting surveys.

  • Supports multiple Ajax driven forms
  • Split forms in to multiple pages or parts
  • Role manager support
  • Multiple file upload
  • Drag and drop interface
  • Much more

4. Easy Contact Forms


You always don’t need a feature packed plugin as sometimes simple does better. In cases like your client is a newbie, ease of use does matter. Easy contact forms plugin comes handy in such cases.

Easy Contact Forms packs all the essential features yet keeps the UI simple. The forms aren’t just developers friendly, but visitors friendly as well. Here are the main features of the plugin.

  • Visitors friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Extensive form fields
  • Spam protection and validation
  • Supports multiple forms
  • Multiple file upload

5. Slick Contact Forms


If all you need is a simple contact form and not an extensive form with too many forms, go with this. Adding forms with Slick contact forms plugin is as easy as adding a widget. Install and activate the plugin, drag the widget and you are done. Slick contact forms plugin helps you create floating, drop down, sticky or a sliding form in a fly.

  • Very easy to use
  • Supports floating, sliding, drop down and sticky forms
  • Supports multiple forms on a single page
  • Short code implementation

These plugins are free, yet a great alternative to their paid counterparts (e.g. Gravity). With a bit of learning curve you can easily start publishing great forms.

Did we miss some good plugin? Do you know some better ones? Let us know your thoughts via comments.

Also it is a good idea to add an FAQ section to your website. I recommend Spice FAQ plugin to create an FAQ for your website


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  1. ryditya909 - June 28, 2013

    nice plugin its cool
    keep update buddy 😉

  2. Jason - July 13, 2013

    All good but this one should be in your list next time. In my opinion, the best all-in-one contact form solution is at WP Plugin Pros. Their newly launched Page Designer Pro is the only contact form plugin I’m using now (after Contact Form 7) and would like to recommend it. I am not paid to say so I just really love its simplicity and great features. If you want to check it out guys it’s right here

    • Don - August 30, 2013

      Jason – thanks for the shout out! – We are really excited about the release of Page Designer Pro 2.0. We are actually running a launch promo through Facebook and anyone can get an additional 50% off the product. You can check it out here:

      Ashwini – would love to be in your next review. Let us know and we can touch base. Thanks for providing the great information.

      Thanks, Don

  3. Sendola - August 30, 2013

    Check out the Sendola plugin for contact pages. It sends all the contact and location information to a visitor’s mobile phone so they have it with them after leaving the site. Sendola is a simple button that sits on the contact or location page and when clicked, the user can enter their mobile number and receive all the details for free. The plugin is available here:

  4. Mahesh Charjan - October 1, 2013

    great post dude..i personally like the first one

  5. Mike - July 12, 2018

    Always used contact form 7 but it’s all of a sudden become a bit of a pain to use, so have recently started using WPForms and I have to say is pretty dam good!

    Simple, easy and some great features

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