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In this hectic world, it is sometimes necessary to employ a tool to keep track of your day to day activities. It is generally seen that managing your tasks via a to do list increases your productivity and efficiency. Studies have shown that many people lose a great amount of time because of poor time management.

What can be better than a good old fashioned To-Do List? There are softwares and online versions of a good to-do list (like Todoist, for instance), but if you are an avid WordPress user, why not integrate it within WordPress itself?

Installing and Activating the Plugin:

To begin with, head over to the page of the Cleverness to-do list plug-in in the site or seach for ‘cleverness to-do list’ in Plugins > Add New under the WP Admin to download and install it. Activate it after installation.

On Activation, you would notice that a new item has been added to the left menu- To-do list. It also creates a menu item on the top of your admin bar. You can alternatively click there to go to the plugin page as well.

Customize the Plugin:

Go to Settings under To-Do List.

Here, the most important setting is the selection of the “List View”. There are three options available.

  • Individual – Under this setting, each user can create and manage their own to-do list. These lists would not affect each other.

  • Group – This allows all users to work together on a single to do list. Helps in case a team is working on the same project.

  • Master – This allows the admin to have one master list for all users where each user has their own individual to-do lists. For everyone except the admin, it is almost equivalent to an individual view.

If you plan to use the group view or the master view, make sure you take enough precautions and edit the user permissions so that one user can’t edit or delete someone else’s tasks. This can be done in the User Permissions tab.

Using the To-Do list:

You can go to To-Do List > To-Do List to manage your to-do list and add, edit or remove items.

Displaying a to-do list in your site:

This plugin also has an integrated widget which can be used to put these to-do lists in your posts or even pages. To do so, simply open a new blog post or a page, and add the shortcode : [todoadmin]

You can even add this to your widgets. Go to Appearance > Widgets, and drag and drop ‘To Do List’ to the sidebar. You are asked to select a few options before you finalize and save the widget. You can select whether to show the assignee, deadline and progress and choose the title and number of items to display.

These are the various things that you can do with this to do list plug in. I sincerely hope that I have given a sufficient walkthrough of this wonderful plug in. Here’s hoping that this post can increase your productivity in the long run.


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