Client Database

Client Database

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    1. Andutza - November 15, 2012

      Hi Stephen,Thank you for taking the time to test the puglin. I think you have highlighted a failure in the intro, documentation or help’. It is not intended to disable the screen options, but rather to default them to however the template user is set (in your case admin).If the editor user already exists, then the administrator will need to click the set all editor users to set the options, dashboard layout etc for existing users. New users who are created or register AFTER the settings have been made, will automatically be given those settings too.In all cases, the screen options will still be available. (This allows more literate users to open up more boxes if they want, while presenting the most simple screen initially.)You did not mention whether your editor user (if set or new ) did have the tailored settings or got the normal wordpress setup?I think I need to make this clearer in the settings (maybe some notes and highlighted links to the and ?IF you have any ideas of how better to explain it maybe choice of words etc (I think I am a bit too verbose sometimes simpler is usually clearer!), I’d appreciate the input.Thank You

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