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WordPress is one of the most popular blog or website publishing platform on the web right now.WordPress plugins are great and makes our lives a lot easier especially for non-tech guys. Probably there is no other CMS (Content Management System ) in the world better at SEO than WordPress because, there are so many amazing plugins that helps in inviting search engine robots to your websites or blogs.
Search Engines are the way to publicize or promote and help people to discover your content on web. So its very important to discover your content and make understand that how relevant it is to specific search queries. There are so many plugins for SEO in WordPress, some of them are good as well as some are not, we have composed a list of some good SEO plugins as :

a) WP- SEO by  Yoast :

This is one of the best plugin for WordPress SEO, This plugin has many features like this plugin allows to set templates for titles and meta descriptions for all types of pages and posts. This plugin automatically tests the important areas of your content for usage of the focus keyword, so you can optimize your page for the term you need. Besides that, this plugin also useful for robot meta configuration. Setting for every page or post can be used as follow :


Its popularity can be seen by its download stats :


b) All in one seo pack : 

This plugin automatically optimize any WordPress site or blog. This is ready to use directly, what you have to do is only install it.  It automatically generates meta tags automatically, avoid duplicate content in your blog, etc. This plugin also enables us to manually includes META tags for each page and post into your site. Its setting page is as follow :


Its popularity can be seen by the following downloading  stats :


c) Headspace-2 :

This plugin helps WordPress site to control almost every aspect of  meta-data, including advanced tagging, Analytics, and dozens of plugins. It is a very reliable alternative to All in One SEO Pack. . It allows you to tag  posts, create custom titles and descriptions, which  improves page ranking and relevance on search engines. This plugin is available in multiple languages. Its setting page can be seen as :


Its popularity can be seen as the following downloading stats :


d) Google xml sitemaps :

This is another WordPress plugin for SEO in WordPress. This plugin generates a xml sitemap supported by google, bing, yahoo etc, Sitemaps make it easier for crawlers to see the complete structure of your web site, and retrieve more efficiently. Its setting page is as follow :


Its popularity can be seen by the following downloading stats :



e) SEO smart links :

This plugin automatically links keywords and phrases on your blog with corresponding posts, pages, categories or tags on your blog or site . It allows you to set up your own keywords and a list of matching URLs. You can customize it according to your needs through the  administration setting panel as follow :


Its popularity can be seen by the following downloading stats  :


f) SEO friendly images:

SEO WordPress Plugin is a WordPress plugin which automatically updates all images with proper titles and ALTs. If you have not set the ALT and title of the images then this plugin automatically sets the title and alt. Title and alt of any image play important role in game of SEO. This plugin recognizes two attributes : %name (name of the image) and %post (Post title), by combining these two tags, this plugin can easily create a title or ALT for the image :


Its popularity can be seen by the following downloading stats  :



g) Simple Tags :

this is a simple plugin to generate the tags automatically at the bottom of your blog. This is the best tool to manage your wp-terms for any texonomy. Once you have accumulate a lot of tags into your blog, then you can use a plugin like ‘simple tags’ to manage these tags because it would be really a big pain for a real human to manage these tags. It can generate a cloud for the accumulated tags as follow :



It also provides the feature to add the tags into your blog by just click tags  as follow :


Its popularity can be seen by the following downloading stats :


h)SEO Title Tags :

For any website or blog, tags are very important because tags tells a search engine where to place the blog, and SEO title tag focuses exclusively on this. This plugin allows you to override a blog title with a custom title, mass editing of title tags etc. Its setting page is as follow :


i) Meta robots WordPress plugin

This plugin allows you to add robots in your post or blog. It allows you to add meta tags for all post or blogs preventing indexing of your comments, logins or admins. You can use it to make your front page links into “nofollows,” Its configuration can be made as follow :


Sitemap Generator :

This is a good WordPress plugin which generates a site map of your WordPress site. It also enables you to choose what to show and what not, It also supports multilevel pages, categories and permalinks. Its setting page can be seen as follow :

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