Version 2.0 is now Live. Google Calendar Support, Staff Business Hours, Improved Interface and much more.

Version 2.0 is now Live. Google Calendar Support, Staff Business Hours, Improved Interface and much more.

It has been more than two months since we launched Appointzilla on 16th October 2012 (73 Days to be precise). Since then we have received a lot of suggestions and feedback from our customers.   To be honest we also received some criticism. The best part was that all the criticism was constructive in nature. We are really blessed to have immensely supportive customers. The only thing which we love more than WordPress is our Customers.

With version 2.0 we have made an attempt to make Appointzilla even more valuable for our customers. We have added some major features , here they are:

Staff Business Hours:

This was by far the most requested feature. Earlier Appointzilla only supported Global business hours. With the new version Admin can now setup business hours unique to each staff member. Plugin will automatically take into account staff hours and calculate the available slots accordingly

Staff Hours ScreenShot - Appointzilla

Staff Business Hours


Real-Time Google Calendar Sync

Appointzilla now supports the latest Google Calendar API  (V3) for syncing the appointments and time-offs. Any appointment or time off created on the website is now automatically synced to the authorized Google Calendar account. Changes to existing appointments and time-offs are also synced in near Real -Time. Connecting the Google account with plugin is straight forward and takes only five minutes.

Google Calendar Sync- Appointzilla Appointment Booking

Real Time Google Calendar Sync

 Prettier Interface

Appointzilla now uses pastel colors which is more pleasing to the eyes.  We are developers first and designers second.  So it took us some time to realize that soothing effect which pastel colors provide 🙂

Calendar ScreenShot - Pastel Colors - Appointzilla

Calendar ScreenShot


 Client Search and Appointment History. 

Who is my most valuable client?  When was my clients last appointment? . Now answer these questions with the Appointment History Feature.  There is a “View History” besides each clients name. It will display complete appointment history of the respective client Admin can also conduct a search on client database via name.

Client Search and Appointment History ScreenShot - Appointzilla

Client Search and Appointment History ScreenShot


 Customizable Booking Button Text

In previous version ,  users had to edit the code files to customize the booking button text. With version 2.0 it is now possible to edit the text via Admin Panel. No more messing the code files

Calendar Settings Screenshot - Appointzilla

Calendar Settings Screenshot


Performance Enhancements:

We have made some optimizations to speed up the plugin.  The Booking form now uses less database queries and is more responsive.

New Button Shortcode

A lot of our users did not want to display the calendar with booking button. The only way to do it till now was to hack the plugin and remove the calendar code manually. With version 2.0 we have now introduced a button shortcode which only displays the booking button.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bugs in Time Off Logic
  • Fixed Bugs in Recurring Appointment Logic
  • Fixed JS conflict issues.
  • Fixed Staff Detail View


Version 2.0 is now available for download in the via members area. We really hope that the new features will make Appointzilla even more useful for our customers.

We pledge to keep improving in 2013, cause the “Only thing we love more than WordPress is our Customers”


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